It’s not everyday someone can spark a genuine conversation with comedian Tracy Morgan, but the funnyman opened up and got personal during his episode of Safe Distance with Mike Tyson.

The 30 Rock star joined the boxing legend for a high-spirited conversation that covered everything from Tracy’s favorite quarantine meal, to the revelation that he knew Mike’s father when they all grew up together in New York. Mike admitted that the comedian probably knows stuff about him that nobody else knows, and it was clear the two stars have a deep connection.

They also spoke about Mike’s guest starring role on the new season of Tracy’s TBS series, The Last O.G. Tracy gave Mike rave reviews for his role as Triple O.G. and made it clear he wants to work with the champ again ASAP. Tracy may have his work cut out for him though. After he suggested filming something with Mike that put him in an “uncomfortable” situation … the champ replied that he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable “taking a sh*t in Madison Garden in front of 20,000 people.”

Think of those ticket sales.

Lakiha Tyson